Appeal over Indian woman’s murder in Sydney

(Transcript from World News Radio)

The family of an Indian woman fatally stabbed in a Sydney park has made a public appeal for information about her murder.


Prabha Kumar was stabbed as she walked through a park in western Sydney on Saturday night and died.

The public appeal from her family comes after a candelight vigil for the woman last night.

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“It is so sad that we have lost … one of our India’s daughters.”

Vish Viswanathan, a member of Sydney’s Indian community, at a candlight vigil mourning the death of Prabha Kumar.

She died in a park in Sydney’s west-suburban Parramatta after being attacked as she walked through it on Saturday night.

The Indian national was talking on her mobile phone to her husband, who lives in India with their 10-year-old daughter, when she was stalked, then stabbed in the neck.

Ms Kumar had been working in IT in Australia but was planning to return to India in April.

Her husband, Arun Kumar, immediately flew to Australia and has told a media conference in Sydney he wants whoever killed his wife brought to justice.

“I’m a husband who has lost his wife and a father of a young girl who’s lost a beloved mother. I cannot describe to you the pain that I feel. My wife was a most caring and beautiful soul. Prahba, she was planning to buy a little penguin toy and send it to our daughter in India, but she will never be able to do that. I know that you can’t bring her back, but I want whoever killed my gorgeous wife to be brought to justice.”

Also at the press conference was Prabha Kumar’s brother, Shankar Shetty.

He says his sister was widely loved, and he urged the person who killed her to come forward.

“No-one deserves to have any of their family taken away from them in these horrible circumstances. My sister was loved by many. We don’t want any other families to go through the pain we are going through. Finally, I say this to the person who did this: You’ve taken my sister’s life. Please step forward, get help and get your life back.”

New South Wales Police Detective Superintendent Mick Willing says the investigation is still in its earliest stages and police have not identified a motive for the murder.

He says they are working with the Indian community in their attempt to solve the crime.

“The Indian community is working very, very closely with the New South Wales Police Force on this matter. The local area command is in constant contact with them. They are talking all the time. I think, last night, there was vigil that was held for Prahba. The police had a presence there and certainly were involved in that. And, again, it just shows how deeply that this crime has impacted not just on the Indian community, but the entire community as a whole. Again, we need members of all of the community to come forward and provide us with information that can help us solve this crime.”

Crime Stoppers can be contacted on 1800 333 000