Bare-chested and shoeless – our top 10 stories

We like to think that you, dear readers of SBS News online, are a discerning bunch, but you also like to let your hair down.


As such, this week’s satchel of most-read stories is a mixed bag as usual.

Along with letting your pony-tails flow free, it seems many of you have an interest in bare-chested protesters at Davos. And what’s not to like about the ladies AFP described as radical Ukrainian feminists? We know you were more keen on finding out what was happening at the Davos economic forum really. It was our top story. Guesses as to why in the comments below, please.

More politics with a helpful dose of scandal up next – yes, it was shoegate, tentgate, Gingerellagate, wotevs. Never mind that huge swathes of the media avoided talking about sky-high rates of Aboriginal incarceration or soaring levels of trachoma in remote communities – we wanted to know who told who what, when! Ah hah, it was a union leader, apparently. Gotcha!

And from scantily clad Ukrainians to considerably more-heavily-clad beachgoers, we learned that Macquarie Dictionary’s word of the year was … Burqini!

Next story: when will they learn? Apparently many of you were concerned for these two keen athletes, who’ll probably be regretting that last schooner of methylhexanamine: they’ve copped a six month ban for it.

Consumers of online news will know that media outlets like to tease their readers. When we say ‘Flying people stun New Yorkers’, it is done within the bounds of a young but growing tradition of creating what can loosely be called ‘click-fodder’. It’s a pretty cool video we’re talking about though – and a hell of a way to flog a product.

Everyone likes space. Everyone. Ok, so the first chimp there probably missed his jungle home, but a bus-sized asteroid sizing us up was always going to do well on Twitter. I couldn’t tell you the actual significance of this, and whether any ‘Tasmania-sized asteroids’ are coming, but if a bus-sized one landed on your hills hoist, it would probably be big enough for you to notice it.

More serious stuff came later down the list of popular stories, with the horrific football violence which took a security-weak Egypt by storm. At least 74 were killed, and an inquiry has been promised.

Then there was the ‘he said she said’, they fled, and you read – all you could, in fact – as the PM’s staffer resigned over the tent embassy debacle, and the opposition sought an inquiry. Really, Canberra, get it together.

It was, as you probably noted, quite the Australia Day for race relations, and our Your Say on whether racism is widespread in this Great Southern Land was the place to be online, squeezing into ninth place of the top ten for the week.

And, if you missed it, shame on you! The Australian Open men’s final was a cracker (I’m told). Glenn Osborne got in early with this blog, commanding you to strap yourselves in. We hope you did!