Corruption inquiry hears of MP’s sex romp

Former Labor MP Ian Macdonald roughly kissed the escort, named Tiffanie, at a luxurious Sydney hotel room before telling her: “If you knew who I was, you’d be very surprised”, the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) was told on Friday.


The 38-year-old Asian woman is alleged to have kissed and fondled Mr Macdonald as his “reward” for setting up meetings between tycoon Ron Medich and several energy firm executives in mid-2009.

The second day of the inquiry into the affair heard evidence that Tiffanie met the then energy minister at a luxurious room at the Four Seasons hotel and was later paid $400.

“I think he kept his clothes on and he then kissed me very roughly,” Tiffanie said in a witness statement tendered to the inquiry.

“I felt very reluctant to be kissed by him because I didn’t like him and he said something like “if you knew who I was, you’d be very surprised”.

The alleged encounter followed a lavish $870 dinner in Leichhardt, attended by Mr Macdonald, Mr Medich, and two Country Energy executives whom Mr Medich had wanted to make a sales pitch to, with the group dining on wine, baby goat and calamari.

A month earlier, Mr Macdonald is said to have arranged a meeting between Mr Medich and Energy Australia managing director George Maltabarow at the same restaurant, the ICAC has been told.

Mr Macdonald is alleged to have picked out Tiffanie from a group of Asian women at an adjacent table during the July 15 dinner at Tuscany Ristorante and was then driven to the hotel by Mr Medich, ICAC was told.

Mr Medich’s associate, the former boxer Lucky Gattellari, is said to have driven Tiffanie to the hotel and later paid her $400.

“I understood I was there to have sex with this man and Lucky was going to pay after,” Tiffanie said in her statement.

She was questioned about the encounter after taking the witness stand at the corruption hearing on Friday.

Tiffanie said she did not end up having sex with Mr Macdonald.

“I believe after he kissed me we talked some more and I don’t know if he fell asleep but I remember telling him I wanted to go home and he said he also wanted to go home,” she added in her statement.

One of Tiffanie’s friends, a woman called Cindy, gave evidence that Tiffanie later described the man she met at the hotel as “very gross and sick”.

The exact translation of the statement from Mandarin to English was ambiguous, ICAC heard, and Cindy was not exactly sure what she meant.

Counsel assisting the inquiry, Geoffrey Watson, SC, said in his opening address on Thursday that Mr Macdonald will explain in his evidence that the encounter was innocent and that he had gone to the hotel for a massage after suffering from a stiff neck earlier in the evening.

The former energy minister has not yet given evidence to ICAC’s public investigation, but is expected to next week.

Tiffanie appeared to cast doubt on the massage claim, saying there was no massage equipment in the hotel room, nor any towels, massage lotion and she was not a qualified masseuse.

ICAC is investigating whether Mr Macdonald engaged in corrupt conduct by meeting Tiffanie as a reward for arranging the meetings between the energy executives and Mr Medich.